1969 20’ Philbrick Custom Runabout
8 cyl. Chrylser Hemi Engine

Funding for C-Car Donated by: Tom & Polly Bredt, 2004.
C-Car is one of the most unique boats in the Tahoe Maritime Museum Collection.Constructed from the wreckage of an old car owned by the boat builder Don Philbrick, C-Car most certainly checked all the boxes on Furth's must have list.

In 1957 Don Philbrick bought a brand new Chrysler Imperial convertible. Shortly after the purchase the car was totaled in an accident. Fortunately for us, the story of Don’s car doesn’t end there.

In 1959, Don began a project to build a boat using the parts from his recently destroyed car. C-Car  is the end result of this project. Working off of Philbrick’s own design, C-Car preserves the original interior of the car including the seats, paneling, dashboard, instrument panel, convertible top, and even the electric windows.

Photos Courtesy of Steve Lapkin/h2omark.com